TribeFindr IS NOT AN ORDINARY “EVENT” calendar to find just races. Yeah we’ve got those too… but we define event as:

• “How To” Clinics,
• Product Demos & Sales
• Social Shop Rides
• Training Events
• Afternoon Fun Rides
• Group Runs
• Community Challenges
• Memorial Events
• Fundraisers
• Team Recruiting Meetings
• Whatever else you’ve got going!

Basically, you can easily use TribeFindr to connect with events, brands and people near you that share your passions, and activities that you like!

Don’t see an event category that you want to submit?  Tell us here and we will create it!

Here is how to maximize the awesomeness of the site:

  1. Submit Events

    Just click the “Submit an Event” link in the navbar, fill in all the info, attach a event photo, and you are good to go!  If you want to edit the event at a later date, you will need to create a profile.  Which leads us to step 2:

  2. Make a Profile

    Profiles are FREE.  Simply click the “Join TribeFindr” link in the navbar and follow the steps to create your profile.  Any event that you create will be attached to your profile and you can always go back and edit it. With a profile, you can: find friends, message them, be part of a group and group discussions and more! But, if you want to get more people to events and message your audience, you are going to want to create a group.

  3. Create/Join Groups

    Groups are the easiest way to communicate with your audience on TribeFindr.  To create one, go to the “Find Groups” link in the navbar, click “Create Group” and follow the instructions.

    Once you have a group, people can join, you can message each other, and any event you schedule while logged in will become attached to the group.  This makes it super easy for your audience to come to your events!


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