There are several reasons why you would choose to start training. Maybe you want to lose that little bit of extra fat, maybe you’ve been crushing the chips while sitting on the couch for too long. Whatever the reason for getting it in gear, the first thing you need is a plan.

Finding a plan is pretty easy, but sticking to it can prove a bit more difficult. Most people struggle to say within their workout routine for one reason or the other.

Here are 4 simple hacks to help you stick to your training plan:

  • Track your progress

One of the easiest ways to see progress towards your goal is to ACTUALLY TRACK IT.  If you see improvements over time, you are way more likely to stick to your training routine. When you are constantly seeing progress you create a feedback loop in your brain.  This releases “feel good” chemicals that make you more and more likely to continue towards your goal.

  • Make it a intentional

Want to increase your likelihood of sticking to your plan by 2x?  Here’s how to do it

In a study published in the British Journal of Health Psychology, researchers measured how frequently people exercised over a two-week period.

Researchers started by randomly assigning 248 adults to one of three groups.

Group 1: The control group – This group was asked to simply keep track of how often they worked out.  Before they left they were told to read a few paragraphs out of a random novel.  Hence, no motivational material or applied intention.

Group 2: The motivation group – This group was also asked to track their workouts, but were also asked to read a motivational pamphlet. Tracking plus motivation but no intention.

Group 3: The intention group – After being told to track their exercise, this group also had to read the motivational pamphlet.

But, and here’s the kicker, they were asked to write down when and where they were going to perform their workouts. Tracking plus motivation with intention.

After two weeks, group 3 was MORE THAN 2x more likely to have stuck to their plan.

  • Get your work done early

Life is full of stress and it can be difficult to stick to a plan at the end of the day, life simply gets in the way sometimes.  One of the best ways around this is to get out and do your training first thing in the morning.  Which brings us to our next hack…

  • Get more and better sleep

Pick a bedtime and stick to it… event if you aren’t tired when you first lay down.  Recovery is super important for progress towards your goal.  Over time, your sleep pattern will be more stable and falling asleep will become easier. This allows you to get the maximum amount of sleep and maximize your energy levels


With these 4 hacks you are more likely to stick to your plan.  Go get it!


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